This page has three sections, getting into Brooklyn, getting around Brooklyn, and on Campus.

Getting into Brooklyn

By Air

If all costs are equal, JFK is better connected than LGA by public transportation to the borough.  [Subway Map Below] EWR is well connected by public transport it just takes a very long time (~2 hours) to make all the connections.

If you’re thinking about taking a taxi or car service consider the following:  the way you can ensure your driver pockets the fullest amount of the fare you’re charged is to walk to the official yellow taxi stand and wait in the line and then pay your driver cash.  If you pay for your trip with a credit card, consider tipping with cash.  (All taxis in NYC take cards.)  Uber charges drivers about a 35% commission on the fare, Lyft about 20%, Juno around 10%.  All drivers for these services in NYC will be licensed through the TLC.

Expert tip: Tell your driver to ask for a ‘short return’ from the taxi stand  operator at the airport.  This lets the driver comeback to the airport and wait in a shorter queue, because they did not get a passenger making the more lucrative trip into Manhattan.

By Train

If you’re booking an Amtrak ticket the cheapest way to pay for the most popular travel times is with ‘points’.  Check if you can transfer your credit card points or airline points to Amtrak (most do).  Sign up for the Amtrak rewards program and you’ll then find that the points rates are far lower than their variable pricing for preferred travel times.  It may even be least expensive to purchase points rather than pay directly for the train trip that best fits your schedule.

After arriving at Penn Station, come above ground walk the one block to Herald square and catch the Q train to the Avenue H stop.  Faster and nicer voyage than the 2 train.

After arriving at Grand Central, catch the 5 train to the last stop: Flatbush Junction/Brooklyn College.

[Scroll down for Subway Map]

By Car

To be avoided, but sometimes faster and cheaper than public transport.  If you’re considering driving and would like to Car Pool (HOV lanes are so much quicker!), email queries [at] debtandslavery [dot] com with details of your needs and we’ll try to match attendees.

Parking by the college is very challenging and mostly on short meters.  Your best bet is to park in the residential neighborhood near the Avenue H subway stop and walk over.  Or if you’re willing to pay for convenience, there is a parking garage attached to the Target at Flatbush Junction that is right next to campus.

Getting Around Brooklyn


The subway was built to get people in and out of Manhattan.  It is frustrating for Brooklyn to Brooklyn destinations.  It may be useful to you, but don’t get focused on it as the only way to get around!  When you do get to a Brooklyn Subway Station and see a station manager in their booth ask them if they have a Brooklyn Bus Map, this is a free excellent walking map of the borough!


Buses are irregular and make people nervous, but in the digital age the bus is often the best and fastest way to go.  There are apps [links to come] to help you navigate the system and here is the Official MTA Brooklyn Bus Map.

“Dollar” Vans

The fastest means up and down Flatbush Avenue is a dollar van.  Even if you don’t ride one, you might want to learn about them! The fare isn’t a dollar any more; it’s usually 2 dollars.  You may be more familiar with this form of transport from other places.  It is similar to the Dolmuş in Turkey or the ‘shared taxis’ of many Caribbean Islands.


It’s 5.5 miles from Brooklyn College to Brooklyn Heights and a similar distance to Coney Island.   Nothing is really that far.  Consider seeing the landscape of the borough and enjoy an urban stroll to wherever you need to go.


Citi Bikes haven’t reached campus yet, but there are other means of renting bikes [links to come].  Please wear a helmet and obey all road rules you’d expect a car to obey.  BUT don’t expect pedestrians, other cyclists, or drivers to do the same. All the same it is a great cycling culture:

Cycle routes online map and the official map from the city

Car Services

Yellow taxis can be street hailed anywhere.  Green taxis can be street hailed in the outer boroughs only (this includes Brooklyn).  A light on on top of the car indicates their available to be hailed.  They can be far and few between in central Brooklyn near the college. If you need to call a car service, the way you can ensure your driver pockets the fullest amount of the fare you’re charged to be old school and call dispatch.  Marlborough Cars is near campus and reliable:  (718) 434-4141.  Ask dispatch to quote you the fare when you call.  You may need cash for this type of car service.  Uber charges drivers about a 35% commission on the fare, Lyft about 20%, Juno around 10%.  All drivers for these services in NYC will be licensed through the TLC.


On Campus

Look for a conference attendee with a red ‘ASK ME’ ribbon!  They will be there to help.

All panels and keynotes are in the Woody Tanger Auditorium on the first floor of the Brooklyn College Library.  Registration, Poster Session, Coffee and Boxed Lunch collection are in the lobby of New Ingersoll Hall.  Friday dinner is on the fifth floor of the Student Center (Occidental and International rooms).