These are places in easy walking distance of campus.

Fisherman’s Cove

A local restaurant that serves Caribbean food such as jerk chicken (grilled right before your very eyes with a choice of mild BBQ sauce or Spicy Caribbean Jerk), curry goat, stew chicken, rice and peas, white rice, oxtail, escovitch fish, bakes (fried bread) and so much more. The Lunch specials start at $5.50 (doesn’t include a drink, but drinks start at about $1.75). (Warning: The Jerk Chicken here is POPULAR so you might be in for a wait, but don’t fret the line moves really quickly. Also you can mix the sauces in case you like your food to have the right amount of kick without being too spicy)

2137 Nostrand Ave b/t Hillel Pl & Glenwood Rd 

Ital Fusion

This is a great choice for tasty vegetarian and vegan food. Also, the food here tastes so good that you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy it (Curried Potatoes!). Make sure you try one of their natural juices, teas or shakes (you literally can’t go wrong with beverages, they are all GREAT). Meals start at about $10.

2085 Nostrand Ave b/t Glenwood Rd & Farragut Rd

Island Burger

An AMAZING local burger joint with options you won’t find anywhere else (They Have A Shark Burger!) They also serve regular burgers and fries but they also have other choices (like the sweet potato and garlic fries as well as a salmon burger). Needless to say, you won’t be disappointed. Burgers start at $8.00 and they also have meals (Chicken and Chips anyone?) starting at $6.75.

2093 Nostrand Ave b/t Glenwood Rd & Farragut Rd 
Ovi’s Place
A local counter serve eatery right across campus. Try their delicious burritos and sandwiches! If you want something lighter-Ovi’s specializes in salads, and there’s no shortage of toppings to choose from. For beverages, pick up one of their refreshing vegetable juices or fruit smoothies. (And be sure not to leave without some chips & guacamole!) 
2925 Avenue H b/t Nostrand Ave & Campus Rd
Kam Shing 
One of the best Chinese restaurants in Midwood. Service is fast, prices are cheap, and the food is great. An especially awesome spot for vegetarians/vegans, as they have an entire menu featuring mock meats (Mock Beef, Mock Chicken, Mock Pork, and more!) About an eight to ten minute walk from campus. 
1608 Avenue H b/t East 16th & 17th St 
Bake & Things
Delicious Caribbean take out. $11 will get you a hefty dish consisting of rice and peas, a selection of meat, and two sides (callaloo, okra, spinach, mac pie, pumpkin, and much more!) They also serve roti, swordfish and fried shark. Overall: cheap and delicious-what more could you want? (Note: Cash Only!) 
1489 Flatbush Ave b/t Glenwood Rd & Farragut Rd
Anna’s Cafe
In the mood for something Italian? Take a short walk to this quaint cafe. If you wanna pick something up early in the day (or you just prefer breakfast food), they serve French Toast, Omelet’s, Pancakes, Eggs & Bacon, and much more. Try one of their Breakfast Sandwiches for under $4.00. If you’re craving something a little more heavy, they also have hot hero’s, pasta, mozzarella sticks, and many other of your favorite Italian restaurant staples. 
2925 Ave I b/t Nostrand Ave & E 29th St